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Let's suppose that you have just received by email a PDF file from your boss, containing some spreadsheet data, like tables, charts and graphs. You may need to change certain values inside the table or you may need to adjust the way the chart is displayed. You can't do that because PDF files are generally locked and they cannot be edited without having the right application. You can turn to additional software for doing this. Adobe Acrobat may seem the right software for the job but, in fact, it isn't. The application has some downsides, despite the fact that it's extremely popular. It's difficult to use, takes a lot of resources and it's expensive.

PDF to Excel Converter is a much better approach in solving the problem of editing a PDF file. As you can see from its name, this Windows application can convert any PDF document into an editable Excel file, which can be opened using a wide range of programs, like MS Excel or OpenOffice. After that, you can edit the file as you would normally do with any Excel spreadsheet.

The interface of PDF to Excel Converter makes it very simple to add one or more PDF files at once and converting them automatically, one by one. Besides that, the user can select what pages contained by the PDF document will be converted.

After the conversion process is complete, the resulting Excel files will be created in the same folder as the original PDF documents, but the user can choose to save them anywhere on the hard disk. The generated XLS files will maintain the original formatting and all the charts and graphical elements of the original PDF files.

It allows converting any kind of PDF file into an Excel spreadsheet. Besides that, the user can add an unlimited number of PDFs at once into the interface and the program will convert them automatically, one by one. Furthermore, the resulting XLS file will look almost the same as the original PDF.

PDF to Excel Converter is a very useful application for converting any kind of PDF file into an editable Excel spreadsheet.

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